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Healthcare is a right. Tom Taylor wants to expand Medicare so that it covers all Americans.Medicare
Tom Taylor will fight to end gerrymandering with an open computer algorithm run by an independent non-partisan commissionGerrymandering
Tom Taylor knows that climate change is real, and the future of green energy will create jobs and strengthen the economyEnvironment
In an increasingly competitive global economy, education is of high importanceEducation
Citizen's United has been a disaster for America's democracy.Reform

Medicare for All

Healthcare in the United States is completely broken. There are vast amounts of administrative waste and insurance companies increase profits by denying care to sick Americans. Healthcare is often tied to employment which means that losing your job puts you at risk of not having access to healthcare for you or your family. Meanwhile, the Republicans in Congress have pushed to remove health benefits just so that they can give their millionaire and billionaire buddies tax breaks.

The craziest part of all of this is that we already have a solution that guarantees healthcare while being incredibly cost-efficient when compared to private insurance. It's called Medicare and it works. Healthcare should be a right instead of a privilege. Tom Taylor wants to expand Medicare so that it covers all Americans.

Fight Economic Inequality

Our nation's tax code is currently written to benefit the wealthiest Americans while the middle class is feeling increased pressure. After 30 years of the Republican's "trickle-down" economy we've experienced the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression and hard-working Utahns are still suffering.

To make matters worse, the Top 1% have accumulated so much wealth that they are now using it to buy politicians in Washington to pass laws that increase their power. If we don't fix this we will approach a new era where all of the United States' wealth and power are concentrated in the hands of a few families. It's time to make the economy work for average Americans instead of the elites. Tom Taylor will fight to close tax loopholes that only help millionaires and billionaires and start growing the economy the way that works - from the middle out.

End Gerrymandering

A fundamental shift in how districts are drawn has occurred in the past decade. Social media data mining has allowed politicians to pinpoint voters on a house-by-house basis. This means that when districts are drawn politicians are literally choosing their voters instead of the voters choosing their politicians. In Utah, Democrats regularly get 35% of the popular vote, but currently have zero representation in congress. The practice of gerrymandering has completely undermined the system of democracy our country is based on.

Allowing politicians to pick their voters is a threat to the ideals Americans hold dear. That is why Tom Taylor will fight for the creation of an open computer algorithm designed by an independent non-partisan commission. By having computers draw the districts using code that is freely available to be inspected by the public, it insures that districting is consistent across state lines and that no party can abuse the system.


97% of scientists agree that climate change is real and humans are the cause of it. If we don't start crafting policy that drastically curbs carbon emissions, our children will grow up on a planet with droughts, water shortages, increasingly destructive weather patterns, and mass migrations on a global scale. The Department of Defense has even released a report about the security implications of climate change across the world.

Climate change is an issue that everyone will feel the effects of and we need to act now. Tom Taylor proposes a tax on all carbon emissions which allows the power of the free market to assist in solving this very important issue. A carbon tax not only allows each citizen to choose where the use of carbon is most important to them, but it simultaneously encourages an increase in green energy solutions which become relatively less expensive. The United States is in a position to be a world leader in green energy technology which will further increase our economic power on a global scale.

Additionally, our National Parks are under attack by interests that want to use the land for oil extraction and private development. The Republican Party has made it a mission to dismantle national lands in Utah such as the Bears Ears National Monument. Tom's love for public lands is something he will relentlessly defend.

Strengthen our Educational System

Tom Taylor is a success story of Utah's school system. He went through K-12 education in the Granite School District and graduated from Cottonwood High School. He enrolled in the mechanical engineering program at the University of Utah and got a Bachelor's of Science with an emphasis in small robotic systems. He then became a Ph.D candidate in the University of Utah's prestigious Robotics Track. After defending his Ph.D dissertation in front of his committee, Tom reflected on the many teachers that made personal sacrifices to assist him along his educational journey.

Due to recent cuts, Utah is having a hard time keeping its teachers. Utah's teachers need a raise so that we can attract the best talent to our school's. Further, Betsy DeVos - a fierce opponent of our nation's public schools - has been chosen as the Secretary of Education. We can not afford to dismantle our school system or we will fall further behind in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Campaign Finance Reform

Citizen's United has been a disaster for America's democracy. Big money interests can now devote unlimited amounts of funds to buy politicians that will further their agenda. Super PACs are being filled with so-called Dark Money that can not be traced to the source.

The ability for billionaires to effectively purchase politicians is a fundamental undermining of our democracy. Tom Taylor will fight to reform our campaign finance system so that it puts the power back where it belongs - in the hands of the people.