Vote Thomas Taylor for Utah's 4th Congressional District

Meet Thomas Taylor

Thomas Taylor has called Salt Lake City, Utah his home for nearly his entire life. He attended school in the Granite school district, where he eventually pursued a study in hard sciences at Cottonwood High School. After graduation, he attended the University of Utah where he earned a bachelor's of science in mechanical engineering with an undergrad specialization in simple robotics. He then became a Ph.D candidate at the University of Utah in the highly-regarded Robotics Track program where he created a completely mobile motion capture system that would allow the wearer to record their movements in any environment. Tom has a deep love for the sciences and sees technology as a vital piece of our nation's growth.

Thomas and his wife Caroline are the proud parents of their daughter, Naomi. Both Caroline and Thomas see the family as the fundamental unit of society and have worked hard to pass along their life experiences and values to their daughter.